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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Candle holder

Candle holder

 Candle holder
To make a candlestick of the day, you can use a glass jar or plastic cup or even a chandelier of age. Apart from that, you need small beads, glue and beads jewelry thread. You can use existing one color or multicolored yarn to the string of beads. Once you are done with that, apply the glue on the outer surface of the cup or glass. Now, glue the end of the chain of beads on the bottom and wrap around the mug vase / (along the length) to the edge is covered. While the glass surrounding the bead chain, keep tightly wrapped pieces, so it adheres to the surface. You can use the candle holder, once the glue dries completely. In this case, you can try balls of different colors, shapes and sizes.


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