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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Japan God | Bishamon | Izanagi | Haniyasu-Hiko

Japan is known as the land of the rising sun. It is also one of the most economically and technologically advanced in the world. It has a rich cultural heritage. Here we look at some of the gods of ancient Japan.


Japan Famous God, Bishamon, Izanagi,  Haniyasu-HikoJapan Famous God, Bishamon, Izanagi,  Haniyasu-Hiko

Bishamon is considered the god of war. He protects humans from demons and disease. Bishamon is depicted astride demons, dressed in armor with a spear in his hand. His father and mother Izanagi ten Marish. Their children are Jorojin, Hotei, and Daikaiku Fukrokuju. Bishamon Mikaboshi enemy is the devil. Lately, some comics which were found to Bishamon, along with other gods of Japan, helped the Olympians to defeat Mikaboshi. Also called Bishamonten, Tamon and Bishamon Temo. Bishamon was part of the fukujin Shichi, seven lucky gods personified longevity, popularity, kindness, wealth, generosity, dignity and honesty. The powers are superhuman strength Bishamon and knowledge of the mystic arts. Bishamon is considered an ancestor of the divine emperors of Japan.

Japan Famous God, Bishamon, Izanagi,  Haniyasu-Hiko
Izanagi is also known as sun god. Also known as "male who invites". His father's mother Inn and Gaia. Their children are Emma-O, Takamimusubi, Susunawo, Tsukiyomi, and Kagutsuchi Shinatsuhiko. His daughters are Uke Mochi and Amaterasu. Izanagi possesses superhuman strength and control of the cosmic energies. Izanagi and his wife and sister Izanami created the world. Both stood on the floating bridge of heaven and stirred the ocean with a jeweled spear. The drops that fall from the spear created the first island of Japan called Onogoro. Izanagi and Izanami intermarried and lived on the island. Unfortunately, their first born deformed offspring. Eight children were born later became the islands of Japan. They had more children who became the mountains, rivers, valleys and many other physical characteristics of Japan. Izanami was burned to give birth to the god of fire Kagutsuchi. Her tears formed the other gods and died.

Japan Famous God, Bishamon, Izanagi,  Haniyasu-HikoAmatsu is the god of the stars and evil. Also known as Ama-no-kagaseo and Myoko Bodhisattva. Amatsu is the guardian of hell. Denoted by the symbol Fuzen, sin. The Oni (undead spirits) and Ama-no-Jaku-Tengu (demons of Yomi) are Mikaboshi. He is an evil force that was present before the creation of the universe. This force can play with human emotions and lead them astray. There are seven sins of mankind. Tengu, Gozu-Tenno, Izanagi, Kompera, Yasha, Yuki Onna Shinigami and support for each of the seven deadly sins and serve as soldiers of Amatsu. The souls who die and come back to haunt the living are said to be part of the force Mikaboshi. Amatsu sees human beings as sinners and ungrateful for the gift of life that has given them. That has supernatural powers and can change its shape and size. Mikaboshi is able to capture and confine the souls of human beings has just expired.


He is the god of the earth. Hiko is denoted by the symbol, Jishin the earthquake. Haniyasu wife is Haniyasu-hime. He is a bit irritated by humans, but in his heart cares about them. Another name for it is Tamon. Toyouke, Kanayama and Fudo serve as soldiers. There are many Japanese gods as Hiruko, Inari and Benzaiten.


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