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Thursday, November 24, 2011

What is Agile Scrum Methode?

The scrum methodology is a iterative and incremental approach to software

The scrum methodology

also uses the iterative and incremental approach to software development, which was invented in 1993 by Jeff Sutherland, John and Jeff McKenna Scumniotales. Scrum actually has a skeleton of the process, where a set of practices and also contains predefined functions. There are three main roles in scrum methodology, ie the "Scrum Master", "Product Owner 'and' Team '. The Scrum Master is the person who keeps the whole project. Its function is similar to that of a director of project. The Product Owner is the person who is a representative of interest groups and business. Last but not least is the team. Normally the team is a cross functional team. It is this team, which deals the current analysis, design, implementation, testing, etc. of the project. Normally, the team size is limited to 10 people.

Now comes the question, what sets this methodology apart from other development methodologies programs. This methodology uses the notion of empirical process control, which distinguishes it from other models. Another reason of this methodology has become popular is due to speak actual project progress. This progress is used for planning and programming of future versions. As a matter of fact, the scrum agile process was introduced for project management software, but now also used for maintenance of software.

There are different methodologies used in the software development process. Models in common use until recent times were the waterfall model, spiral model, etc. However, these days a number of software development projects are carried out using the model of agile software development. This is where the question arises, what is the agile model. This model is based on iterative and incremental approach to software development. Solutions are found through collaboration between the different self-organization of functional teams. One methodology, which is part of the model is agile agile scrum methodology. The other methodology that is also part of the agile process extreme programming. However, at this writing, we will concentrate on the scrum process only.
In the scrum agile process throughout the software development life cycle is divided into smaller parts called sprint, which has a defined time period for development. It is an iterative process, which is summarized in the process. The entire project is defined by taking the help of cross-functional teams. The project is divided into smaller parts. Once the parties have made, the team decides that it will be responsible for part of the sprint. Therefore, on time work is carried out. The process in the next iteration is as follows.

After the first iteration, is the owner's job to define the order book. The tasks in the portfolio are prioritized by the owner. In some cases, the team may be asked to prioritize the items in the backlog. The plan is reviewed. The Scrum Master, Product Owner and the team are a part of the sprint planning meeting.

Size of each item is determined by the team after the review meeting. This helps in deciding issues that can be completed in the current software process speed. A lot of time not spent on this activity. Often, the time used for this decision is not more than 4 hours. After you start work on clearing the portfolio. The highest priority items are completed first and lower priority items are considered below.

Depending on the policy decided, there can be a daily or a weekly meeting of the scrum. This meeting helps in deciding the task accomplished. At the same time, the following items to be worked are decided so. The elements that have not completed the problems in implementing them are discussed and worked solutions. No modifications to the sprint backlog either daily or weekly. This helps in creating burn chart, where progress compared to the rest of the time for the sprint to beat was laid out. At the end of the race, the progress shown in the sprint.

At the end of the sprint, the entire team meets with the Product Owner, Scrum Master and review the sprint. This meeting aims to find out what went wrong in the process of computer programming in the last sprint. At the same time, the change of the actions to be carried out and decide. After starting the next sprint.

There are many advantages of using scrum agile process for software development. There is an increase in productivity is observed. The ongoing revision aid in process improvement. Better communication is seen between the client and the software development team. The end result of all this is a superior software product.


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