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Tongues Begin To Wag About Jolie and Pitt

Tongues began to wag about Jolie and Pitt, "friendship" as the movie began filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Rumors of romance lost control after it was announced in January that Pitt and his wife, Jennifer Aniston was then divided. The press had a field day calling Jolie the "homewrecker" and blames split is that Pitt fell for Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston to put his career before a family (a rumor that she denies). Shortly after their separation, have started using pictures of Pitt and Jolie together more and more to appear everywhere, but both sides are still minimal in this area. After her divorce was finalized in October is speculation that Pitt and Jolie married in secret, of course, vehemently denies his camp, the marriage took place.


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